Fig & Honey makes apothecary-style  * fresh * clean * body * products using nutrient dense by-products from the beer and winemaking process.  

With inspiration from some of the most serious and committed sustainable and organic winemakers in Italy, and several eco-sensitive breweries in the PacificNW, we process body products which echo a sustainable and gentle lifestyle.   

Using whole food-grade ingredients, essential oils, and upcycled by-products distilled from natural foods and beverages, our team creates handmade goods for body, health, meditation, and home.  Founder Courtney Robinson Feider developed and continues to develop a natural body goods and products line.  

With grape seeds and skins fresh off the wine press, we create a solar-infused, nutrient dense oil which becomes a healing base for all of our salves, lip balms, and body scrubs.   Taking hops grown in the local and regional area, we develop a solar-infused, nutrient rich anti-inflammatory oil which is our second most popular base for balms, scrubs, and salves.  

At our Boise, Idaho HQ, we offer custom classes to groups who want to design their own natural goods, and host private events and on-site education.  Our products are available for sale in our online store, and we distribute wholesale nationwide to resellers.  

Welcome to the land of Fig & Honey.