A Divine Beginning

A Divine Beginning

It's funny what life hands us.  What seems like an end is a beginning, and just when all of the change seems overwhelming, the solution reveals itself.  

I am in the midst of a vast ocean of personal and professional change, and what I have discovered in myself is a wisdom and a depth that I have been utilizing for a long time, it just hadn't previously been defined and placed in the context of my life.  

I am officially tapping (announcing, broadcasting, whatever you want to call it) my perspective, which I am calling "The Modern Divine".   What is The Modern Divine?  It's my theory that there is a sweet spot where ancient history and the core tenants of creation and creativity meet technology and modern living.  I believe that connecting with some of the oldest principles of self-worth and creativity can lead to the most successful synergies between goods, services, and people.  When applied properly this synergy feels like a sweet cosmic hammock, rocking us slowly and gently in the traditions of old, with all of the spice and speed of the new.  

It's a return to the pure.  I am going to explain to you how it is the key to unlocking the heart of the modern female consumer, regardless of her age.  I'm bringing back standards and good-old-fashioned-quality, while infusing my Fig & Honey products with upcycled by-products in a way that only a "super-nerdy urban farmgirl" can.  Old is new.  

And for me... this is the Divine Beginning.  Stick with me and see what happens next.  

p.s. Those re-runs of Little House on the Prairie that I watched incessantly as a kid are TOTALLY paying off.