The Mindful-cure

The Mindful-cure, 4th of July Style.

The week before the 4th of July holiday, I found myself playing with my two little girls.  In a certain mood, their favorite thing is brightly colored nail polish.  At 6 and 4, they like to alternate - one hand one color, one hand the other.  That got me to thinking.... why do adult ladies always go so monochrome?  Are we really still so conservative that mixing things up is us "trying to be too young" for our age, or whatever?  

With a sense of rebellion and whimsy, I swooped bright canary yellow on both of my ring fingers and painted the rest a trendy red-orange.  My older daughter asked why I had made the choice, and when she asked, I had a wonderful realization.  Subconsciously, I was capturing the moment.  Precious time with these lovelies before they grow older and possibly a little jaded. Time before they start to push against parental love, and before I have to give up the luxury of cuddling them every morning and every night.  

I wanted the virtual "ribbon around the finger", modernized.  The Mindful-cure.  So I decided, when I wear nail polish, I am always going to make it a Mindful-cure.  I am going to keep each of my ring fingers a different color in celebration of my children, my amazing husband, my fortunate existence as a successful small business owner, or whatever it is I need to be mindful of that day.  

It's fun, too!  For the 4th of July weekend, I did an "ice pop" color theme ( seen in the picture). The quick drying "all-in-one" over the counter polishes with a good top coat go on easily and dry quickly.  I can choose colors to relate to what I am experiencing, an event or holiday, or a mood.  Subtle shade differences can help me keep the "mindfulness" to myself, should I choose that seclusion.  And I get to spend the time making my new color choices with my daughters, making them a part of what I take with me, every day.  

Being mindful shouldn't be a chore, a duty, or a burden.  We can meditate on beautiful moments with really tiny amounts of effort.  A celebration of our lives and our progress can be evident in a simple splash of color.  And in the case of my girls, they feel significant, adult, and chosen because they birthed this new idea with me.