The Modern "LABOR" DAY

I had an idea for this post, but no point of reference.  So, I took to Google and found the bonafide history of Labor Day.  

"In 1894, Grover Cleveland made Labor Day a federal holiday after a failed attempt to break up a railroad strike.  Observed on the first Monday in September, Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers."


Good for you, Grover Cleveland.  After all, EVERY American can use an extra day off.  We take far less leisure time than any other country with similar economics. 

Just one issue left to address :: What is "LABOR"? 

We celebrate/honor/and take time off for government work, or white collar work.  But how many of us are either celebrating those who work with their hands and the earth, or doing it ourselves?

I submit a revision on "Labor Day".  Let's celebrate by digging in the dirt.  Planting something. Reconnecting.  "Laboring" over a passion, commitment, or a source of pure, perfect, personal BLISS.  

Maybe part of our loss is not that we need additional vacation days to consume too many margaritas, or to pay for a plane ticket, a new leather jacket, or a night out, but the fact that we have lost our connection to self, the earth, and our natural state of being.  

Not everyone is cut out for the salt-of-the-earth mode, I get that.  But couldn't you spend a day painting? Reading?  Writing?  Having back-to-back sit downs with old friends?  Trying out calligraphy? Baking something (even poorly)? Writing a letter AND sending it?  

I challenge all of our readers to connect to the real.  The solid.  The esoteric.  Let go of the ethereal for a minute.  Be in someone's space.  Talk to a stranger and find out what they are doing with their time.  Watch people (in an observant way, not a creepy one).  Lose track of time while you gaze at a blue sky and try to "move" clouds with some young kids.  

Go back to the beginning.

"Labor" at what's worth it, even if you only have a little time to commit to the effort.  Start to shift the paradigm, change your perspective, and maybe even change someone else's.  


Courtney Feider1 Comment