After I saw Martha Stewart speak in June at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, I immediately wanted to be involved in her American Made contest.  If nothing else, it created such a good reason to Google-stalk bazilions of wonderful artisan goods.

The cycle is long, and we're finding, it's also quite rigorous.  All in all, we have reached the "voting" timeframe and we are not yet a finalist. 

BUT WAIT! There is still a chance!  

You can SHARE our nomination in the following ways:

1.  Share what we share (total easy way out and also let's you share repeatedly)

2.  Please share via FACEBOOK and TWITTER only.  They don't seem to be tabulating shares on the other vehicles.  Everything we share on Instagram posts to Twitter, so you should get everything.

3.  Find our nomination on the Martha Stewart American Made website and click the "share" button.  You can do it while you drink your coffee!  Search for "Fig & Honey".

4.  You can share repeatedly.  More than once (a day - no kidding).  Share, share, and share some more.  The more the merrier!  

5.  Find a core group of friends who love this sort of product and ask them to share TOO.  The more we share, we not only get better rankings in the American Made contest, but we also improve our Google Search rankings and SEO.  Win/win!

6.  Share THROUGH OCTOBER 13.  

If we are one of the businesses that receives the greatest number of "shares", we may qualify as a WILD CARD finalist.  Totally fitting - we definitely fall into the "wild" category! 

We already feel like winners, but we're excited to be profiled, and we'll definitely be participating in American Made again in the future!

Courtney FeiderComment