Are we ALL highly sensitive people?

Some people identify themselves as "highly sensitive people".  It's even it's own category, with reams of literature on how to deal with the world when your radar for the details and sensitivity to all of the energy around you are VERY high. Here's another way to look at it.

Maybe we are ALL highly sensitive and it gets cultured out of us as we become jaded adults.  Every loss, every rejection, every unexpected turn in the bend, we lose a sliver of our child-like goodness and optimism, our sonar sensitivity to negativity and pain.

In light of this, I suggest we place the detached "adult" to the side, and dive deep, feel all of it, and work to live in a place of acceptance, revelry, and to embrace each color, shade, temperature, and adjustment.

Will it cause more pain?  Probably.  Will it increase our sensitivity?  Definitely.  If we all become "highly sensitive", how will we cope?  That one is easy - with the help of a community.  A family, genetic or chosen, close friends who are also ready for this sort of change, and even people we aren't incredibly close to but share a common path and perspective with can all support us.

It doesn't just take a village to raise children, it takes one to be highly (sensitive) evolved people.

If you choose to embrace this change, send us a message about your experience:

Learn about what Dr. Roya Rad and Dr. Elaine Aronson say about some of the qualities that define a highly sensitive person.