Everything is better with BUTTER

So, I messed around in our test kitchens until I came up with a completely natural, food-grade option for smearing all over your body, just like butter. It’s base is coconut oil so it smells luxurious, delicious, and is very shelf-stable.

Benefits to using coconut oil instead of commercial moisturizers:

1. It provides deep and REAL moisture, not water and parabens or petroleum which block skins “breathing” function and leave it more dried out.

2. It has a natural exfoliating function and helps remove excessive dead skin, taking away the rough and flaky texture. I recommend using an additional exfoliant if you use this as your daily moisturizer, as your skin will need a little additional help sloughing all that comes to the surface, but you will have soft and amazing skin as a result!

3. On initial application, it will seem “slick” and a may be little greasy, but give it 5 minutes and it will melt right into your skin leaving a matte and nourished surface. You won’t end up with that “melted candle” barrier feeling that petroleum based products will leave on your skin.

4. This is a wonderful option for babies and small children just out of the bath, smooths right into their skin with the heat and moisture. And this combination is food grade and gentle and good for dry skin to problem skin. Upgrade their health with this simple change.

5. Combining positive consumption with positive application is essential for health! Make your own butter and use our Butter body product or another coconut oil based lotion for the best outcome.

Made FreshCourtney Feider