How I Became An Urban Farm Girl

I have always felt a connection to the maker's/homesteader's lifestyle. I watched obsessive amounts of Little House on the Prairie as a child.  Yes, I did.

When I decided to try to implement some 'sustainable' practices, it came really naturally.  I quickly realized that the experimentation factor was pretty high, but making changes that made a difference to my family were habitual and a permanent lifestyle change.

Five years later (with minimal impact to time), we are making our own:

1.  Chicken and turkey stock and beef bone broth (this could easily be veggie stock in our home)

2.  Canning veggies we get from community supported agriculture or from our own garden

3.  Creating tinctures from rosehips we gather near our home, and our front yard herb garden.  Our family has not needed any antibiotics since we started this process.

4.  Raising chickens, and collecting their eggs - delicious, and pretty fun, really!

5.  Composting all green waste in our home - our trash yield has gone down substantially

6.  Natural cleaning supplies using vinegar, castile soap, and borax - baby, kid, and pet friendly and cleaning feels GOOD because it smells GOOD.

7.  Brewing our own kombucha - you will need to procur equipment, ingredients, and a scoby before you begin.

8.  Creating all natural bath and body products for family use and as gifts to friends

9.  Making our own butter and buttermilk.  This is delicious and totally worth it! In my experience, with a KitchenAid, it actually takes up to 20 mins depending what medium you start with.

Urban Homesteading is a lifestyle.  I recommend starting with one small item and growing your practice.  Enjoy it.  Involve your partner and your kids.  Here are some additional resources for learning about Urban Homesteading/Backyard Gardening/The DIY lifestyle before you dig in.

Have fun - get DIRTY! 

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