If Not Now, Then When?

If you aren’t prepared to live your best possible life today, when do you think the time when you are “ready” will come? Here is an interesting set of points from Jeet Banerjee, a millennial entrepreneur who literally grew up teaching himself to face adversity and not to back down. The universe listens to our self talk, and responds. I plan to practice speaking to myself daily to reinforce what I want and how to best live it.

1. Think of the best possible outcome

When I was younger, I would think of the worst possible outcome in everything. A long and boring trip with my family up North? Well, that can only mean that I’m going to be bored out of my mind and it’s going to be the longest weekend of my life. Today, I would rather think about how great of an opportunity it will be to spend time with my family and bond with them. Life is a game of perspectives. Think about the best thing that can possibly happen as a result of your current situation, you’ll be a lot more happy you did.

2. Focus on the big picture

A small downfall shouldn’t stop you from reaching for the stars. Bad things happen to good people too. I found that out the hard way, but I’ve always kept focus on the big picture. Don’t get caught up in the short-term when the long-term has a world of opportunities. Obstacles and roadblocks always come up in life, but they should only derail you temporarily. You have to get back on track quickly.


3. Don’t let the past dictate the future

What happens in the past or present doesn’t necessarily dictate what can happen in the future. As an entrepreneur, my past mistakes don’t mean I will fail in the future as well. If anything, I leverage my mistakes to make me smarter for tomorrow. Learn from the past and present, but don’t copy your actions from previous circumstances. It is crucial to understand that we determine our own destinies in life.


4. Create positive reinforcement in your life

What you believe is truly what you achieve. I didn’t know how true this was until I actually saw it happen before my own eyes. As an entrepreneur, it was key for me to believe in my ideas. When I did believe in my ideas, I saw them happen. No matter what it is you want to do in life, confidence and belief are going to be crucial to your success. If you constantly reaffirm yourself with positive thoughts, you will be able to achieve anything.


5. Change your language

Turn language such as “I can’t” into “I will” and “No way” into “I’ll try it”. Simple changes to the way you respond to scenarios can create a dramatic difference in your life. Many people are against trying new things or automatically assume that because something is too expensive, they cannot afford it. However, I believe in understanding that I may not be able to afford something now but I will afford it soon. Changing the way you speak can have a huge impact in your life.