Re-defining Leadership and "Lollipop Moments"

What defines a "leader"?  How to you qualify a circumstance that is life-changing? Have you contemplated the idea that it might be a whole lot simpler than you think?  That these moments might be simple serendipity, a collision of circumstances, that create their own meaning because of the people involved?

If you agree with me on this, it's worth it to look at every action you take, every word you say, every breath and every move, as valuable.  Important.  Potentially life changing - if not to you, then to someone else.

Look around and examine what has felt significant to you, and whom?  Why? Where?  Did you explain the details to the other person or people involved?  Then explore how you could have (even unintentionally) had the same affect on those around you.  It might be worth asking those people how you have impacted them.  You may have leadership value you are entirely unaware of, you may be changing lives minute by minute.

Our energy, our breath, our attitudes, and our projections are all part of the process and the journey.  And in them, there are small miracles every day.

Watch this video with Drew Dudley for a wonderful and beautiful example.