SOULSCAPING: Survival Tips

If you started with me on this path, I am taking 30 days to remove several stimulants, depressants, toxins, and  behaviors out of my life.  It's not a perfect process, and YES I have definitely slipped here and there.  Overall I am happy with myself for being mindful and sticking with the commitment.  For more read my first entry about the start of my SOULSCAPING journey!

Here's a brief recap of what I have learned and how I am feeling:

1.  I am past initial enlightenment and am really craving SALT.

2. Drinking fresh pressed citrus (lemon) with ground chia and honey is a saving grace.

3. I am noticing a lot more detail about my surroundings, my habits in general, the way people around me act, and my presence in my body.

4. I have a greater attraction to movement, and to nature.

5. I am craving books again.

6. I have clear thoughts about my aspirations and goals and how to go about them one step at a time. This leads me to think I may have been in adrenal fatigue.

7. I feel much better when I exercise, but none of this feels worth being militant, rigorous, or self-abusive if I slip. This is what clarity feels like for me.

8. I feel motivated to take this cleansing journey spring and fall each year.

9. I need to do more yoga while I still have a couple of weeks left on this path.

More next week!