Have you met "THE ONE" ?

My biggest dilemma with body care products has always been either that they are too specific, they aren't over-achievers (they don't work as hard and as well as I want them to), or they are way too @#$&*@$ expensive.  Yes, I'm weird - but I was looking for the Type A personality of bodycare.  And I FOUND IT in my own kitchen/workshop!  

After years of "dealing with it" on this subject (and feeling guilty about the price tag every time I bought something I really, really liked), I had an epiphany.  Using my background in aromatherapy, massage, and Chinese food therapy, I started playing with combinations.  

A friend would come to me with a child who had eczema.  I'd play with the raw solids, essentials, and infusions until I got something that helped.  A pregnant friend of a friend battled crazy dry skin on her belly and was losing her mind.  I made something and it helped.  I continued to fight cracked knuckles and dry feet (sensitive skin and dessert temperatures don't mix) so I made something for that.  

Over the course of 10 years of this, I developed a lot of cool recipes for a lot of different things.  But ultimately, when you had to cross over all of the conditions people were presenting me with and the best solution, it was always ONE recipe.  A meltaway lotion/salve combination that smelled luscious, had wonderful antisceptic qualities, made a great water seal on skin for those who washed hands a lot during the day, doubled as a first aid solution or a lip treatment, healed cracked heels and bleeding knuckles, and did I mention that it smelled SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD????

This was the birth of The One.  I became my soulmate on my mission to care for and try to help and heal the masses.  Starting with a solar oil made from wine must fresh from the presses, and developed with raw shea butter, cocoa butter, natural beeswax, and essential oils like sweet orange, bergamot, holy basil, and vanilla, the 3rd generation of this recipe is about as good as it gets.  



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