Why Women Will (and frankly, already do) Rule The World

Women are by far our largest customer base.  We think about them, think like them, and develop products they would love because they are also the largest influencer of product and purchasing worldwide.   Women are also the most thoughtful consumers of naturally made, gently made, and locally made products.  

There are thought leaders in the fields of history, economics, and psychology who believe that not only will women "out earn" in the short term, but that this will be THE FUTURE.  A lasting economic trend and financial state.   Read on if you connect with women with your product and want to understand how they are taking over thought leadership.

Here are some reasons why:  

1.   CLOSING THE MALE/FEMALE GAP IS GOOD FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH - Hiring more women in balance with men in the workplace stimulates economic stability.  "Group think" and the "old way" go out the door when you balance differences in thinking.  Women and men in tandem seem to create the most efficient and innovative development of new ideas, systems, and communication internally and to the outside world.  

2.  MOST OF THOSE WHO LOST JOBS IN 2008 WERE MEN - Men were in positions like finance, construction, and other industries that were harder hit, and as the highest earners, they were targeted for demotion and layoffs first.  Some analysts are already throwing out the term "Mancession" for the 2008 economic downfall.  Women have maintained a lower unemployment rate consistently than men, even though the economy is recovering somewhat.  

3.  NOTABLE AREAS OF GROWTH FOR FUTURE HEAVILY IN FEMALE-FOCUSED INDUSTRIES - Of the 15 job categories expected to grow the most in the next decade, all but 2 are filled primarily by women.  This category includes (but is not limited to) obvious female-dominated areas like skincare, therapy/counseling, and advisors/consultants.  

4.  THE NATURAL COMMUNICATION STYLE OF MOST WOMEN MATCHES THE NEED OF FUTURE BUSINESS - Women are responsible for 83% of consumer purchases, 51% of worldwide personal wealth, and are worth more than $5 trillion in consumer spending power. This is more than the entire Japanese economy.  Women know that women need services, not just goods, and they know how to communicate that "added value" effectively.  Women consider, develop, evolve, and multi-task, where men are more empirical, rote, system oriented, and oriented toward sales, promotion, and networking.

5.  WOMEN ARE THE ONES STARTING BUSINESSES AND BUILDING WORKFORCE TEAMS - It has started in the US with 2/3 of women already acting as breadwinners or co-breadwinners, but in the EU, now 75% of the 8 million new jobs created since 2000 are filled by women. Female-led firms and businesses have grown 20% since 2005 and others have grown only about 5%.

The tide has turned, ladies.  

Gentlemen --  start looking for a wife.  

Courtney FeiderComment