FREE RECIPE: Homemade Yummy Gummies

Finding ways to get some base and super important nutrients into my diet as a busy working mother, and into my kid's diet simultaneously isn't easy.  We have different taste in "what tastes good" for the most part.  I gladly down sauerkraut and kombucha, and they are much better than I at eating nutrient rich berries and fruit. Here is an ideal hybrid, which also covers that craving for something "chewy".  This recipe involves natural gelatin, which comes from animals and is a prime nutrient in the (currently trendy) bone broth you can also drink to get it's benefits.  If you are a veggie, I recommend trying a really high quality agar flake, though I have not tested yet, so I can't accurately give you the conversion.

Here is the recipe for natural yummy gummies.  I recommend making them bite-sized-ish for better "pop-ability" and lunch packing.  Because they have a fruit juice base, they taste best cool so pack something cold with them in the lunchbox.

You can also try subbing herbal tea for the fruit juice and up your nutritional ante, but you might need to correct for flavor, making it SUPER concentrated.  You could also use some herbal teas in place of the water or kombucha.