SOULSCAPING: The Rules of Engagement

When I decided to take on this journey, I felt confident.  I imagined myself as enlightened, calm, balanced.  30 days of clean living, and "soulscaping".  Wildly appropriate for spring, and I was (and am) excited! This is a process of being clean.  Free.  Pure.  In the past I have typically given up one thing at a time.  I didn't realize how hooked on certain carbs and dark chocolate I had become.  I had recently started a little bender on coffee, so that slate needed to be wiped clean.  Was I in for something tougher than I imagined?  Maybe.

Since having an appendectomy in 2004, my cravings for fermented and pickled things have been enormous and I eat them daily.  They had to go.  And, I hadn't been exercising consistently in months, so that was another hurdle.  Good excuse to get back in the saddle?  Yes.

When I started this process, I felt like an addict.  Visions of dancing chocolate, dreams of cold, refreshing IPA, crumbling sharp white Irish cheddar, and great glasses of well-made red wine with perfect burgers.  Delcious, smooth espresso with a crust of natural sugar floating on the crema..... it was endless.

I was haunted.  And then, gradually.... the beginnings of clarity.  Cleaner thinking.  Positive feelings. Less frustration. Good energy.  More patience with my kids.

Here is the general path I am following and with it, my intention.  I share it with you and I am accountable to you to complete this.  I will be on this road until (at least) March 31, 2014.

If you want to join in on any aspect of it, I will support you.

CAVEAT: I am no medical professional and I am not dispensing advice.  Particularly with restricting certain compounds and definitely any pharmaceuticals or medicinal herbs, seek the advice of your care provider please.

NO:  Cheese, full fat cream, creamy sauces, red meat, or pork.  No pickled or fermented foods, no smoked or aged foods, caffeine, alcohol, sugar,  sweeteners, prepared or packaged foods, pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter commercial remedies.   Salt kept to an absolute minimum. Reduced contact with social media and screens (I removed Facebook from my phone completely).

YES: Fresh vegetables (any), fresh fruit (any, at peak), alternative grains, beans (only soaked and cooked), leafy greens, cruciferous veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage), fish (not tuna unless fresh), lean chicken, eggs, and turkey (only freshly cooked).   Weight lifting, yoga, and hiking/light running. More books, tea with friends, engagement, connection.

Each week, I will report on my experience - good, bad, and ugly, as well as the pretty, happy, and lovely.

Wish me luck - this is bound to be worth it!

Cheers! Courtney